Big city dreams
Gabrijela. 17. Zagreb, Croatia.


sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with

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imagine if people screamed instead of snored

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you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit

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kale + chicken + roasted tomatoes + feta + garbanzos + carrots + cucumber + avocado + balsamic 😋

Lucuma oatmeal with banana, berries, cocoa nibs and pb. Today I’ll go for a tempo run with a friend and then we will have a picnic with some girls from the running club.

Glow [16:9] | by Tyler Forest-Hauser.


imagine having like ten friends

whenever i hear of people going on vacation in a group of like 15 i’m just like mind blown

like where do you find these people? how did you never have mental health issues that influenced your decision to not talk to anyone ever?

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i only help mum unpack the groceries so i know what food she bought 

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